Men and women have an equal chance to realize their individual potential to contribute to the development of their countries or nations.

These two groups can add to their country’s economic and social development and benefit equally from their participation in society. If there is inequality of any kind that will limit a country economic growth. Removing inequalities gives societies a better possibility to develop. It is globally said that when women and men have relative equality economies grow faster, children health improves and is less corruption. Gender equality is an important human right and facilitates rapid development.

Women participation in Local Government

The under-representation of women at any level of governance and decision-making results in a democratic deficit. Gender-balanced local councils may be an important step in helping to attain gender balance at the national levels. Women can and should be part of the institutions of local government-they should be represented as mayors, in councils, committees and administrative services. Pakistan is a country where women have fewer opportunities to be a part of political activities. They remain under male domination and confront various social, economic and cultural disparities.


For these reasons, promoting the participation of women in leadership and decision making is an important aim of LCAs (Local Councils Associations). We have established committees as WDLCA (Women development for Local Councils Associations) to empower our women in all LCAs across Pakistan. The objectives of this initiative include equal representation of women on public entities, Special Purpose Committees, eliminate systematically all gender discriminations at all spheres of society, empowerment of women through leadership training and regular mentoring activities.