What is ADLG Mission?

ADLG wants to enhance the quality of life for everyone in Pakistan by rejuvenating democracy and giving back to people real reasons to participate in civic life and their communities. We want participation in local elections to be a must-do and people to have a meaningful vote on a wide range of local tax and spending decisions. This means significant devolution of power from provinces to the local level.

ADLG Specific Objectives:

We have the mandate to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To Work for the effective participation of general public in local governance, planning, development and decision-making within the framework of participatory democracy and in an associative spirit without indulging in political activities.
  2. To work for the enhancement of strength, functioning and capacity building of local governance and facilitate cooperation among all tiers for effective service delivery and developments for good governance.
  3. To encourage and facilitate solution of common issues concerning the development of communities and the people.
  4. To establish and maintain effective relation and liaison with the stakeholders in the shared interests of all levels of the governance.
  5. To work for the promotion of local governance interests in policies, legislation, plans, development programs and other measures affecting the general public.
  6. To assist and facilitate sharing and exchange of expertise, knowledge, best practices and other resources among various stakeholders locally nationally and internationally.
  7. To establish and maintain linkages and collaborative relations with regional and international local government associations, agencies, institutions and other organizations in order to achieve the above objectives.
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  • House # 440, Street # 28, Sector # E-11/4, Islamabad.