Kech Alliance on SDGs organised a walk on International Human Rights Day

A walk has been organized by the Alliance members of District Kech at Turbat press club for the observance of the International Human Rights Day 10th December 2022, on Saturday with full zeal and zest inlined with sustainable development goals specifically goal number 5 and 10 and generally to achieve all the seventeen goals set by united nations.

While taking into consideration the 17 goals framed by the United Nations, District Alliance Kech with the collaboration of the European Union, United Cities Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC), Association for Development of Local Governance of Pakistan and Local Councils Association of Balochistan (LCAB) arranged a seminar to commemorate International Human Rights at press club Turbat.

To honour the noble cause of Human Rights, all the members of District Alliance Kech and Chief Officers of Civil Society Organizations fully participated in this walk.

Speakers briefly enlightened the audience about the responsibilities and the initiatives that should be taken by the Government for the protection and promotion of Human Rights and hence instructed them about their fundamental rights that have been protected by the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and ensured by the State.

Later on, the leader of all parties Kech Khalil Tagrani in his address expressed his views that

everyone should be given equal rights and opportunities regardless of their gender, income and race because equality leads to a healthier community.

He also showed concern for the awareness-raising campaigns on all forums and party meetings; in schools, colleges and universities in order to sensitize all the community members regarding Human Rights Day so every person should be well acquainted with his fundamental rights. In his speech, he further highlighted his future policy to put forth the demand for Human Rights empowerment before the Government and the International forums working on it. Afterwards, District Alliance Kech member, Dr Taj Baloch took the dice and enlightened the audience about the blatant violation of Human Rights in Balochistan which remains unreported and ignored and is worthy of condemnation.

Moreover, during his speech, he appealed to the Government and the International community to take notice of the atrocities which the Baloch people have to suffer.

Proceeding forward, Chairman of District Alliance Kech, Muhammad Jan Dashti while specifying the purpose of the walk and seminar shed light on the rights formulated by the United Nations and request the Government and NGOs to take prior notice of the violations of Human Rights in all walks of life. Later on, the heart-touching and spell bounded performance of speakers highlighting the violations and demand for the empowerment of Human Rights in society from the relevant departments thrilled the audience.

They enlightened the audience with the initiatives taken by the Government for the protection and promotion of Human Rights. The event ended with the pledge taken by all the participants to empower Human Rights in society in line with the 17 goals of the United Nations and make sure of their implementation by 2030.

To make the event more soulful, all the participants committed to raising awareness campaigns regarding SDGs to educate laymen about their basic rights and promised to organize such programs in future as well.