WebShare 02: “Local Government Efforts to Respond COVID-19 Outbreak in Pakistan”

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WebShare 02: “Local Government Efforts to Respond COVID-19 Outbreak in Pakistan”

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LEAD for SDGs Localisation in Pakistan

WebShare 02: “Local Government Efforts to Respond COVID-19 Outbreak in

Wednesday, 13 May 2020 | 11:00 – 13:00 Pakistan Time

The world is facing an unprecedented challenge since the beginning of the year 2020. The COVID-19 is a global
health crisis on a scale which has not been seen for a century. The outbreak has its far-reaching impacts on
economic, social and political lives.

Despite all measures, over 3.6 million people have tested COVID-19 positive
worldwide and over 2,52,000 deaths so far Pakistan is unfortunately hit by this outbreak too and is amongst
the 25 worst-hit countries. Pakistan has over 21500 corona positive cases and 486 deaths, so far.2
COVID Pandemic is global but the action needed to respond it is local. Local Government is an integral pillar for
service delivery, state and community representation and responsiveness. It provides effective control and
outreach at the district, tehsil and village level. Despite constitutional requirements, the local government
system is non-existent in three out of the four provinces in Pakistan while the Federal Government is cognizant
of the importance of a grassroots level response to COVID-19. Pakistani federal and provincial authorities are
working overtime to deal with this crisis but in the absence of functioning local governments at the grassroots
level, they can only do so much.

To facilitate the immediate exchange of information regarding respond to the outbreak, UCLG ASPAC prepared
a brief guide on what local governments should know about the COVID-19, which compiled the practices from
cities and regions, and made them available in its website at www.uclg-aspac.org . It provides information on
what city leaders have done and the steps they have taken in protecting the people’s lives from the pandemic.

This Webshare is a part of information sharing of local government with regards to their practices, strategies
and the current local challenges in facing the global pandemic.
United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC), in partnership with its members, Association
for Development of Local Governance (ADLG), Local Council Association of Balochistan and Sindh (LCAB & LCAS)
is going to organise a Webshare under LEAD for SDGs Localisation in Pakistan Programme to discuss the local
government efforts to respond COVID-19 outbreak in Pakistan.

Objective: The Web-Share session aims to share the experiences, efforts and challenges of the local
governments in responding COVID-19 outbreak as well as to discuss the need and importance of an
effective and empowered local government systems as the foremost important responder to such


The programme agenda including the name of speakers will be distributed soon prior to the
Web-Share. The speakers of the Webshare will be local government representatives & their associations,
administrators and technical experts.

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Meeting ID: 912 6504 6970 Password: 387765

Contact: For general questions (Email: south-southwest@uclg-aspac.org) | For inquires related to zoom
connection: (Email: admin_logistic_pklead@uclg-aspac.org


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