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ADLG wants to enhance the quality of life for everyone in Pakistan by rejuvenating democracy and giving back to people real reasons to participate in civic life and their communities. We want participation in local elections to be a must-do and people to have a meaningful vote on a wide range of local tax and spending decisions. This means significant devolution of power from provinces to the local level.


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Launch of SDGs Knowledge Hub

With the cooperation of local stakeholders, particularly local governments as the closest institution to communities, approximately 60% of all SDG…
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Developing ADLG Advocacy Plan | MOU signing between UCLG and ADLG

LEAD for SDGs, ADLG has organized a roundtable meeting for ADLG Executive Committee to discuss National and Provincial Advocacy plans…
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A world full of empowered women isn’t one where men are marginalized. It’s a world where everyone thrives.

LEAD for SDGs Programme meaningfully thriving to upscale voices of women on all the pursuasive platforms. Inclusiveness of women in…
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Kech Alliance on SDGs organised a walk on International Human Rights Day

A walk has been organized by the Alliance members of District Kech at Turbat press club for the observance of…

Social Media Updates

25Jan-23: @LEAD4SDGs organised roundtable meeting of @ADLGNews EC chaired by @PirzadaRajan to discuss National and Provincial Advocacy plans, LG Situation and formulation of the next three-month activity plan, MOU signing w/@uclgaspac
For Details Click:https://bit.ly/3HepuEk

The ceremony was graced with notable dignitaries including Mr. Ovidiu MIC, Head of Cooperation, the @EUPakistan, @MNARomina Convener, National Parliamentary Taskforce on SDGs, @BernadiaIrawati Sec. Gen. UCLG ASPAC, @PirzadaRajan President ADLG and other prominent stakeholders.

💫We are thrilled to announce a successful launch of SDGs Knowledge Hub (http://lead4sdgslocalisation.pk), our new inclusive and reliable knowledge platform, developed with the financial support of @EUPakistan and @uclgaspac. We have a wide array of content on SDGs and LGs ready for you.

All the dignitaries, uplifted the unique initiative of development of SDGs Knowledge Hub. The collection of inclusive, authentic and relevant knowledge material for SDGs achievement has been praised.

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  • House # 440, Street # 28, Sector # E-11/4, Islamabad.