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ADLG wants to enhance the quality of life for everyone in Pakistan by rejuvenating democracy and giving back to people real reasons to participate in civic life and their communities. We want participation in local elections to be a must-do and people to have a meaningful vote on a wide range of local tax and spending decisions. This means significant devolution of power from provinces to the local level.

Social Media Updates

Umar Imtiaz Rana Communication Coordinator LCA provided an orientation on LCA TV and started a drive to engage participants to utilise the channel to push forward the struggle of reviving LG in Pakistan.

Ms. Fozia Khalid Warraich, President LCAP, Mr. Rajan Sulatan Pirzada, President ADLG, and prominent women LG members participated in the activity and devised future actions that need to be taken for the betterment of the LG system in Punjab.

The Strategic Plan Development Workshop along with Local Government Election Training for upcoming LG elections held in Lahore for Punjab LG members. Myriad prominent personalities participated and provided their expertise for the planned activity.


Mr. Anwar Hussain is training WDLCAP members about the process of elections mentioned in the Punjab LG Act 2019 and the Panchayat and Neighborhood Act 2019.
He explained the process of nomination, voting and other details about the election process.


It's happening. The Strategic Plan Development Workshop with Training on Upcoming Local Government Elections is happening at full pace.
Ms. Maham opened the workshop, and Now @chanwarhussain initiated with the background on the previous strategic plans to add new elements to it.

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