Mission & Objective


The mission of LCAP is to promote and enhance effective co-ordination and a unified approach among all tiers of Local Governments to resolve common issues and develop participatory governance for the well-being of citizen.


  • Increase the voices and effective participation of councilors and citizens in local government planning, development and decision-making within the framework of participatory democracy and an associative spirit.
  • Strengthen the functioning and capacity of local governments, and facilitate cooperation among all tiers for effective service delivery and developments by all levels of governments.
  • Encourage and facilitate joint actions to solve common issues and to promote the development of communities and the people.
  • Establish and maintain good relations and ongoing liaison with Provincial and Federal Governments in the shared interests of all levels of government and the citizens of the Punjab.
  • Provide a united and influential voice in the representation of local governments’ interests on policies, legislation, plans, development programs and other measures affecting them.
  • Provide forums and other mechanisms for the sharing and exchange of expertise, knowledge, best practices and other resources locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Establish and maintain linkages and collaborative relations with regional and international local government associations, agencies, institutions and other organizations in order to achieve the above objectives.

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