For more than 60 years, the United States and Pakistan have worked together to forge a relationship that benefits the people of both countries.  This cooperation has produced transformative ideas and institutions that are

Saaf Pani

Under the special initiative of the Chief Minister of Punjab, the Government of Punjab has established the Punjab Saaf Pani Company (PSPC) with a mandate to develop, design, plan and execute projects for providing safe drinking

Guangzhou International

The Guangzhou International Award for Urban Innovation (the Guangzhou Award) is co-hosted by the United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG), the World Association of the Major Metropolises (Metropolis) and the City of Guangzhou.


Driven by the passion of serving the people, the three independent associations constituted by the leaders of local authorities in Sri Lanka National Chapter of Mayors, United Urban Council Associations and All Island Pradeshiya


CLGF was founded in 1995 and its establishment was endorsed by Commonwealth Heads of Government at their meeting in New Zealand later that year. It has received further endorsement at subsequent Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings and in 2003 was


United Cities and Local Governments Asia Pacific (UCLG ASPAC) starts with the emergence of the International Union of Local Authorities (IULA). IULA was established in 1913 in Belgium with its headquarters in The Hague,


Association for Gender Awareness & Human Empowerment (AGAHE) is an independent, non political and not for profit organization established in 2001 by a group of highly professional and dynamic sociologists and social workers with a vision that societies

European Union

The European Union (EU) was founded in 1957 with the aim of creating ‘an ever closer union between the peoples of Europe’. Initially concerned with improving economic co-operation between

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